Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stay-At-Home Mom's 'Salary' Rises To $134,121

The cost of paying a stay-at-home mom for all the work she does is on the rise. said if they got paid, stay-at-home moms would pull down $134,121 this year -- a raise of $2,650 from last year's theoretical salary. This 'salary' is based on a list of job titles that best matched a stay-at-home mom's definition of the work she does. Among them -- in the order of hours spent per week -- are housekeeper, day-care center teacher and cook.

Source: The Associated Press

Most of our jobs provide health benefits along with vacation time, as loving husbands we need to make sure our wives know they are appreciated and give them the "vacation time" they need on a regular basis for "mom time".