Monday, August 01, 2005

Are We Going to Church Today?

As most of us are aware, the church is also not a building. The word translated "church" in the NT (ekklesia) refers to a group of people: an official body, an informal gathering, or a community. "Community" best captures the biblical idea of the NT people of God. Yet we still say, "I am going to church." The church is God’s people. The church gathers and worships.

In Acts the church feared (5:11), was persecuted (8:1, 3; 12:1), enjoyed peace, went in the fear of the Lord, was comforted by the Spirit, increased (9:31; 16:5), heard news (11:22; 14:27), met with teachers (11:26; 14:28), prayed (12:5), included prophets, teachers, and elders (13:1; 14:23; 20:17), gathered (14:27), sent and received men (15:3, 4), made evaluations (15:22), was strengthened (15:41; 16:5), was greeted (18:22), and was to be shepherded by the elders (20:28).

Buildings and events cannot do these things....
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