Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BB&T Takes a Stand on Eminent Domain

In January BB&T announced that it would not lend money to private developers who want to build on land taken by force from citizens. I wrote the following letter to their corporate office:

I just read in the Washington Times that BB&T will not lend money to developers who plan to build commercial projects on land taken from private citizens through the power of eminent domain. I think this is great!!

I would love to support you by moving my account from Bank of America to BB&T, but need to when you will be opening a branch in Seminole County Florida.

I received an email back from them saying that they didn't have any branches in my area at the time, about two months later I saw a BB&T "coming soon" sign about four blocks down the street from my office.

Friday I will be attending their ribbon cutting ceremony to get more information about moving my accounts from Bank of America to BB&T.
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