Monday, July 03, 2006

Will the real Church please stand up?

The word Church in Scripture is always translated from the greek word "Ekklesia." The word is made up of two words, "ek" which means "out of" and "kaleo" which means "to call." Ekklesia therefore means "called out" and when used with a definite article means "the called out ones." This word has been translated as "church, assembly, congregation, gathering." Thus when Tyndale produced the first English translation of the Bible, he translated the word Ekklesia as "assembly." It is interesting to note that every place in Scripture where the word Church is used, it means the Ekklesia.

The word Ekklesia becomes clearer in the New Testament when it is used with its proper Biblical metaphors. The most common are "the body of Christ," "the bride of Christ," and "the living temple." Unfortunately the word church has become hijacked and comes with many religious connotations, though the most prevalent use denoting a building dedicated to worship with defined leaders and defined roles. Yet I am convinced that its true meaning is and has always been those people who love and follow Jesus Christ.

Source: New Testament Ekklesia
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