Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stages in the Journey of Simple/House Church

Roger Thoman has been reflecting, for some time, on the stages that he has seen and experienced in the simple/house church journey. I thought he did a great job identifying and explaining these stages that I myself have also seen and experienced in my own, now six year, simple/house church journey.

I have listed the stages here, but you will need to visit Roger's blog to read more about each stage and join in the discussion with the others who have commented on his blog.

  1. Letting go of old paradigms of church life.
  2. Exploring New Testament gatherings.
  3. Re-boot to Jesus.
  4. A new missional heart and longing.
  5. Fresh discovery of our own passions, spiritual gifts, and calling.
  6. Integration of an organic, fruitful lifestyle with organic gatherings that support it.
  7. Our kingdom influence spreads and even becomes reproductive in its impact.
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